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Elevate your construction projects to the extraordinary with CONSAI's innovative media production, where cutting-edge technology and creative artistry converge to visually narrate every milestone.
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Long-Term Timelapse

As a company that specializes in long-term time-lapse projects, we are proud to offer our customers a valuable tool for capturing and analyzing progress.

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Site Photo/ Video

Video and photo documentation are essential tools in any project, providing a visual record of the progress and enabling construction teams to identify issues and monitor quality.


Satellite imagery

By analyzing satellite imagery, our clients can gain valuable insights into site conditions, enabling them to optimize project timelines, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

construction Site engineers Drone

Drone filming/ survey

Our high-resolution cameras, and advanced analytics provide construction teams with accurate and up-to-date information on site conditions.


Digital Marketing for construction company

Our team knows a lot about construction and engineering. We understand how your business works and what services you provide. This helps us create digital campaigns that are made just for you.

A Technology Provider
A creative Agency?
YES Please!

At CONSAI, we proudly wear two hats, embracing our role as both a Technology Provider and a Creative Agency. Combining the power of cutting-edge technology with our innovative artistic vision, we offer a unique and dynamic approach to construction projects media production and long-term time-lapse video services.

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Our proven track record in successfully delivering high-quality media production sets us apart as a reliable and capable partner.

Client Testimonials

"As a leading construction group, we sought a partner who could brilliantly capture the essence of our ambitious projects. CONSAI proved to be the perfect match. Their long-term time-lapse videos showcased our projects' progress, milestones, and grandeur in mesmerizing detail, we used the 50 Megapixel cameras and on Solar and cellular, ceemless"
mohammed kareem
Project Director - Rail Project
"CONSAI's video production services have been an invaluable asset to our infrastructure projects. Their team's meticulous planning and seamless execution ensured we captured every pivotal moment in our projects' construction journey. considering the challenging nature of our project we could't expect more creativity and problem solving skills."
Boris Bjorn
Construction Manager - infra roads
"As architects, we understand the importance of visually documenting the realization of our design visions. CONSAI's construction projects media production services have become an integral part of our project portfolio. Their team expertly captured our architectural masterpieces, highlighting the intricate details and design concepts throughout the construction process."
Alessandra baldi
Head Architect - TRIARK

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